Youth Activities for Special Horizons

As a young autistic boy impacted firsthand by the pandemic, Yash is the inspiration behind Project YASH

The platform focuses on developing social and leadership skills, providing opportunities to learn about various tools and technologies that are integral to functioning in today’s world for both youth volunteers and special needs participants.

The youth volunteers get an opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills by managing and coordinating various initiatives to build a more inclusive future for the kids on the autism spectrum.

The program also pushes for creating social awareness about the challenges faced by people on autism spectrum and push for career opportunities for them.

OUR TEAMThe Founders

The program was started and is managed by dedicated high school volunteers students who saw a need for socialization for kids on the autism spectrum during the pandemic in the community.

Yash Kulkarni Our Inspiration

A young autistic boy is an inspiration for Project YASH. As the pandemic set in March 2020, the world went into a lockdown. The schools, libraries, shops, gymnasiums, and all in-person activities closed down. Kids could not meet and play with each other and birthdays were celebrated over Zoom. As kids like YASH lost all the opportunities to develop and practice social skills, they had a very difficult time being locked inside the home. The founding youth volunteers of Project YASH started reading books and interacting with YASH using online meeting platforms and very soon expanded to include more participants and dedicated high school volunteers

Neha Khandkar Co-founder

Neha was a high school junior when she started Project YASH. Neha feels that working with the rest of the Project YASH team to provide interactive, fulfilling activities for kids with special needs has been one of the most amazing experiences she has enjoyed. Outside of these programs, Neha plays tennis, takes photographs, and loves to write!

Simone Chanekar Co-founder

Simone was a high school senior when she started Project YASH. Simone enjoys contributing her time to Project YASH and seeing how the program is helping kids with special needs. Some of Simone’s hobbies include reading, drawing, and photography.

Kaj Dongre Co-founder

Kaj was a high school senior when she started Project YASH. Kaj is passionate about education and encouraging students to try new activities and meet new people. Kaj created the dance classes at Project YASH and had an amazing experience working with the kids, getting them to move their bodies, express themselves, and have a great time! Outside of Project YASH, Kaj participates in theater and rock climbing.

Neel Kulkarni Co-founder

Neel was a high school senior when he started Project YASH. Neel always wanted to help those with special needs, especially with being close to a lot of people that have disabilities themselves. Neel is thrilled to be part of such an organization and feels that witnessing the benefits that participants experience is an amazing experience. Besides helping run Project YASH, Neel loves to play tennis and the guitar.

Tej Murthy Co-founder

Tej Murthy was a high school junior when he started Project YASH. Tej co-founded this program with the intention of providing forms of interaction during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Tej has witnessed first-hand the impact that social interactions can have on kids with learning disabilities and he is proud to be part of this organization. Outside of Project YASH, Tej enjoys politics and playing tennis.

The Co-Presidents

Co-Presidents are responsible for overseeing all leadership teams, and managing the day-to-day operations of Project YASH

  • Tanya Vijay
  • Shreya Karnam

Youth Leadership Teams

Management Team

This team is responsible for synthesizing ways to grow, further, and improve Project YASH as a whole

  • Tanya Vijay
  • Shreya Karnam
  • Mehak Dhaliwal
  • Rakshana Devalla
  • Snigda Boppudi

Communication and Operations Team

This team is responsible for communicating with both parents and volunteers and making sure the programs in Project YASH run smoothly

  • Snigda Boppudi
  • Anusha Kumar

Volunteer and Participant Ambassador

This team is responsible for recruiting new volunteers and spreading the word for new participants to join

  • Navya Sirandasu
  • Jaanvi Kumar
  • Mehak Dhaliwal
  • Lizzy Ma

Event Organizer

This team is responsible for synthesizing events to present to our volunteers, participants, and people beyond Project YASH

  • Rakshana Devalla

Social Media and Communications

This team is responsible for managing our social media, in addition to synthesizing content to post and spread the word of Project YASH

  • Maryam Elfeky
  • Shreya Arora

Board of Directors

Each Project YASH Board member brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and commitment to help Project YASH grow and flourish. We are currently expanding our board and are seeking board members who want to work for a worthy cause. Please contact Volunteer@projectyash.org to enquire

Board Members

  • Amol Kulkarni
  • Shailesh Chanekar
  • Mahendra Joshi
  • Alok Shah

About Us

Youth Activities for Special Horizons – is a Non-Profit 501c 3 organization that provides a safe online platform for kids on the autism spectrum to interact, learn and make friends with our outstanding youth volunteers.

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