31 Dec 2020
Project YASH completes 1000 hours of Community serivce hours within six months of launching

Project YASH was launched with five volunteers and abour 5 special needs participants. Within six months of launching the book read program, we grew to about 50 volunteers strong and about 50 plus participants. Our dedicated volunteers are making a difference in the community at the time of need.

The world is still locked indoors due to the COVID restrictions and Project YASH is offering unique opportunity to our special needs participants to make new friends and develop social skills using our online platform. We also launched online arts and dance programs to offer some creative outlets for our participants. Our special needs participants at Project YASH love the programs we have to offer and form strong connections with the volunteers.

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Youth Activities for Special Horizons – is a Non-Profit 501c 3 organization that provides a safe online platform for kids on the autism spectrum to interact, learn and make friends with our outstanding youth volunteers.

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