Our ProgramsDevelope Social Skills and Make New Friends

Book Reads

A volunteer and participant are paired together to read a short story. Each reading session is interactive and volunteers help participants with their retention and comprehension skills.

Art Class

A group session held by a few dedicated volunteers who guide participants through various arts and crafts, including drawing, coloring, and origami!

Music Class

Our highly trained musician volunteer conducts a 35 minutes sessions for 8 weeks for our participants. Our first session was an outstanding success where participants learned key basics of music and sang songs in the session.

Social Skills

The perfect environment for participants to grow comfortable and get to know each other! A handful of participants engage in conversation about topics of their choosing, with one volunteer acting as a facilitator for the discussions.


What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that impairs a person’s social interaction and communication skills, often presenting itself in childhood. Autism is a spectrum, which means every autistic person faces a different set of challenges and has varying strengths. In an effort to give support and spread joy, Project YASH has activities geared towards autistic and special-needs participants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe online platform for kids on the autism spectrum to interact, learn and make friends with our outstanding youth volunteers. Our platform focuses on developing social and leadership skills, providing opportunities to learn about various tools and technologies that are integral to functioning in today’s world for both youth volunteers and special needs participants. The program also pushes for creating social awareness about the challenges faced by people on autism spectrum and push for career opportunities for them.

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  • 100 + VOLUNTEERS

    Our outstanding high school volunteers are dedicated to our cause of making a difference in the community around us.


    The special needs participants at Project YASH love the programs we have to offer and form strong connections with the volunteers.


    Within six months of our start our volunteers completed over 1000+ community service hours and have continued to serve our community.

Our Impact: What Project YASH Means to us?

Project YASH began as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that closed down the already limited venues for social interaction. Recognizing the lack of human connection present and how detrimental that could be to children with special needs in particular, our group of high school students took it upon ourselves to create a virtual platform that could provide this connection. We couldn't be prouder of the progress our organization has made, and we will continue to expand our programs and hopefully inspire more beautiful minds.

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